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Treasure Island Access
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Tuesday, 07 April 2009 20:06

Update April, 21, 2009

I've been asked by the Navy NOT to drive on the dirt road.  At this time, if we want to access the boat ramp, we need to park outside 1235 North Point Drive (vacant building), or in the visitor's parking spaces of the adjacent buildings.  Available parking is extremely limited, so even though you may be tempted to park on the grass rigging area and access via the dirt road, please stay off this road and find parking or North Point Drive or launch from 13th Street.

Click here for a map with details.

Original post below:

I drove by Treasure Island (click for Google Map with placemarks) today to check out the reported access to the original boat ramp launch on the NE corner of the island.  It's pretty easy to find, but here's a little video I shot from the car.

Looks good to me!  However, I was also followed in by somebody who works for the Navy.  This person, who wanted to be kept anonymous, told me that this access may not be permanent and may be the result of windsurfers coming in and removing fences.  I was urged to discourage this kind of action and told that this type of behavior could jeopardize our access.  We must tread lightly in order to preserve our access at this spot.  We need to realize that this road runs behind some residents' back yard and that there may be children at play.  I would ask that people be very respectful of the people who live adjacent to this parking/rigging area.  We should:

  • drive slowly on the dirt road
  • make sure we pick up after ourselves
  • not play loud music
  • not be rambunctious (Team Dawg may have to continue to launch from 13th St.)
  • tread lightly or risk losing this newfound access

Not exactly sure whether we are technically allowed to park here or not (there are no signs telling us not to), and there is the option of parking in the "Visitors" parking spaces in front of 1235 North Point Drive, but I think taking up the residents' parking spaces is probably going to cause more problems than parking on the grass along the fence.

Some pics below.  Click the thumbnails for larger pictures. 



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