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Epic Fail at Crissy Field
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Tuesday, 20 March 2012 09:50

"You should have been here yesterday."  A few lucky (or smart) windsurfers will say this about their Crissy Field sesh on Sunday, March 18.  My reply will be, "I was there, but I just windsurfed in all the crap and missed all the good stuff.  I am an idiot.  FAIL!"

I wrote an article for Windsport magazine several years ago about Crissy Field and how it can be so good that it's disappointing when you get it on an off day.  Well, I can now add that it's even worse when you're there when it's going off, and you just failed to sail up to the South Tower to get the goods.  I actually did start my trek up to the Golden Gate Bridge, but I didn't see anybody windsurfers or kiters up there, and I didn't want to sail alone with the large ebb and forecasted dying winds.  My 2pm start was already about 2 hours behind schedule, and I didn't feel like getting ebbed out The Gate and the prospect of being fish food on my way to the Farallons.

Anyway, it was a crap day at Crissy; it was bumpy as all hell with gusty, holey wind and seemingly no ramps.  It might have been half-way acceptable on a warm day, but it was just not any fun with the cold spring air and numb hands.  I packed up and went home, but I made a pit stop on the way.  Here is what I saw:

Also check out the late Bill Weir sailing the same spot several years ago


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