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One Swell Day
Windsurfing Blog - Windsurf Sessions
Thursday, 08 March 2012 12:20

It's all about the swell.  Actually, 3rd Ave in Foster City, has everything:  flatwater on the inside, steep chop for jumping off the launch, big ramps for hucking in the channel, and when it's really windy with a good ebb, there is swell.  3rd Ave on a day like Tuesday is as good as it gets in the Bay Area with swell rivalled only by the Gorge and North Tower, so when the forecast called for 30 knot winds coinciding with a strong ebb, the decision of where to go was a no brainer.  It's all about the swell.

Here's a short clip of a 30 second swell ride.  The swell was steep and fast enough that you could pretty much just hold the sail and go straight downwind.  A great inaugural day for my new 2012 Maui Sails Legend 3.7!


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